1. Front and Back, Back and Front

Which is easier for you to say: “front and back” or “back and front”?

I usually say “back and front.” I wonder, if we took a survey of all the people in Japan, what percentage of people use “front and back,” in contrast to “back and front.”

I started thinking about this a long time ago, when I lived in an apartment in Chofu. I was sketching, almost doodling, on sheet after sheet of paper, day after day.

I soon ran out of drawing paper, and began drawing on other types of paper, like newspaper, junkmail flyers, and wrapping paper. I also started drawing on the back-side of drawing paper I’d already used.

From that experience, I began thinking in depth not only about the front and back surfaces of paper, but also conceptually about the surface and under-side of things.   (Japanese site)

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