5. The Problem of ‘Up and Down’ and ‘Up/Down’

When artists create images, they turn their work upside-down as they work, much as I like to flip over my canvas and look at the back. When the image is upside-down, it provides the viewer with a different visual stimulus. It often inspires the artist to become even more absorbed in his process.

Painting has given me the opportunity to think about the relationship of up and down, just as it has made me think about back and front. Because of this, I began creating images that I really loved from the front, back, right-side up, and upside-down. Naturally, this also led to thinking about right and left. I call this Up/down (gravity) free, right/left free, and front/back free.

I imagine the problem of up and down is not as easily solved as that of front and back. Laws of gravity probably come into play and might go beyond the critical capabilities of artists.

The images that can hold their own either right-side up or upside-down are frequently powerful. Rotating the image and flipping it over to see the back side are becoming established as a routine part of creation for me.

As with any other routine, I imagine boredom might set in after a while. Because of this, I need to find a way to keep the process stimulating and fresh. I’ve always had a happy-go-lucky, laid back attitude, and I like to think as long as I continue creating art, something new that will refresh and stimulate me will find me. (Japanese site)

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