9. A Tiny Museum

When I first started sending out summer greeting cards and New Year’s cards, I prepared about 50. In recent years, it has climbed to 300. I’ve send over 30 cards over the years to friends I’ve known since the beginning. If those works were powerful enough to move them, I imagine they’ve been saved.

The other day, one lady to whom I’d sent my cards said to me, “I’ve framed your postcards, and hung them in my living room.” At the time, I was so elated that I didn’t think too deeply about it. But, later it occurred to me that if others were to do the same, it would mean they were setting up tiny museums of my artwork in their living rooms. And people who visit these living rooms might become fans of my work: people whom I hadn’t imagined, until this point, that I would ever meet. It was an exciting, happy thought, but it also made me realize the weight of the cards I had been sending out. I need to send out powerful, yet intriguing works. This would be my responsibility towards these tiny museums. (Japanese site)

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